Time Saving Tips for the New Mom

Monday, August 31, 2015

When you become a mom you list of things to do gets longer and longer but you don't have more time to do everything. Here are a few things that I do to keep the laundry down and my morning routine as efficient as possible.

1 - Moms might recognize these as the pads they lay out on your hospital bed when you're giving birth. Well, we bought a bunch from SAM's Club and use them on the changing table and for a short time we even taped some up on the wall in the "splash zone". Yes, babies can catapult their poop onto walls and lamps.

2 - Disposable wipes/burp cloths. When were in the hospital they had these great clothes that we used for burp cloths and we asked where we could get some. All the nurses replied that as far as they knew they were only found at medical retailers. Well when we went into the Care by Parent (something they do for NICU babies) the nurse gave us a whole, unopened bag. JACKPOT! We had everything we needed to order it online! So we ordered 600 of them!

3 - Setting her clothes out for the week is real time saver for my morning routine, I just have to grab an outfit and get her dressed. I don't have to look through the mounds of clothes she has and pick something last minute...hmm, maybe I should do this for my clothes too...


  1. Great idea for #3! Do you also set out back ups, for those... catapulting times? haha

    1. nah, I'll just grab another one from the pile... And daycare has extras for those times too :)