Back at the Barre

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Life and body after baby can be some what of a shock. You have this new little life you are responsible for and unless you're blessed with a high metabolism your body isn't going to just bounce back. I was about 135lbs pre baby, 179lbs when I walked into the hospital after my water broke and about 149lbs 12 weeks postpartum. The first 20 seem to come off pretty quick within the first 3 weeks, the next 10 were a bit slower and I am now working on the last 15!

I was doing Pure Barre hot and heavy for 2 months before I got pregnant. My friend and I were going just about 5 times a week. And then my HG hit and I couldn't do anything without having to vomit.

Well I am back at it! I decided it would be a good idea to get back to the barre as I started back to work, 12 weeks postpartum. After about 9 or 10 months of not working out I was SORE to say the least. I hit up the 5:30am class 3 times a week to get my fitness juices pumping again. Plus my mother-in-law was watching my daughter for a few weeks before we put her in daycare.

{Pure Barre Fitenss}
I was able to start Pure Barre again using their introductory rate of $99 for one month unlimited (you can do this after being incactive for 6 months). After my one month is up I'm not sure what I'll do; I am either going to go at it alone or see what the YMCA has to offer. I am leaning towards the Y because they have child care while I work out :)

The few things that I dont like about Pure Barre is the "rules" about cancelling classes or not letting you pause your membership (that happened to me while I was pregnant). And I dont like the fact that it is expencive!

What was your postpartum workout routine like? Send me some encouraging words!

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