Turning an IKEA Spice Rack into a Cute Book Nook

Thursday, November 19, 2015

So I really wanted to have this post up yesterday but I didn't have time to edit the pictures yesterday of last night so it's getting posted a little late. More on why later.

Alana's room is made up of some cost saving ideas and IKEA hacks I have found on Pinterest. One was dressing up an IKEA dresser. And today's post is about another.

IKEA has these wooden, unfinished spice racks that, with the help of Pinterest I'm sure, have quickly become just regular trinket racks. My favorite idea was turning them into a book rack/holder.

So I painted them to match her room and up they went! We utilized the dead space behind the closet door. Of course she is too young to read but by the time she can she'll have a little stool made for her that she can use to reach the top and middle one. And as you can see they quickly filled up with some of my old books and new books of her own!

I can tell she already enjoys story time; her eyes follow along, taking in all the pictures and colors. And now she is grabbing at the books to try and put them in her mouth! Babies are so funny!

Side note: We used these in our last house as extra storage in our master bath. They really work great for adding a little extra storage space!

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