Daycare Essentials

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sending your baby off to daycare can be an emotional time. I was lucky enough to have my mother-in-law watch our daughter for the first 3 weeks I went back to work and I feel like that really helped me with the transition. Below are some things that you’ll need before you child goes to daycare; some I knew and some I didn’t know.

1: Bottle labels – Permanent marker will come off with a few washes so you can use the bands or you can buy these really cute permanent and washable labels that I got from ModishCC on etsy! I like these because they are small and can go on anything. You’ll need more than you thought since you have to label the bottle and bottle caps. I also put one on her pacifier, pacifier clip and car seat

2: Pacifier & Pacifier clip – Our daycare said they could provide one for us but I bought one anyway

3: Cooler for bottles – Our daycare gave us one which is really helpful! Our pediatrician also gave us one when we had our first visit.

Of course don’t forget all the changes of clothes you’ll need, extra diapers and wipes. What I didn’t know was that they actually initial every single diaper!

And as a working parent I found it really helpful to layout all her clothes for the week by Sunday night. No thinking in the morning, just get her changed, fed and out the door!

What are some things you find helpful for getting the kid-o to daycare?

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