What is Your Work Style?

Monday, August 10, 2015

I feel like this can be a touchy subject but it come up in the news that a JCPenny’s employee was sent home because her shorts were too short. She bought the shorts in the JCPenny “Careers” department. First thing, I don’t know how shorts got put into a “Careers” section in the first place. I have NEVER seen anyone wear shorts to work – short skirts is another thing – but never shorts. (I guess shorts are acceptable if you are a pro golfer or something…)

I would say I am pretty conservative with what I wear to work. I prefer to wear slacks/dress pants (the Editor from Express is my favorite) . I will occasionally wear a skirt if I’m out of pants but the skirt is always below my knees (and by occasionally I mean once). The one time I did wear a skirt to work I got complimented on the way I look, “Alexa, you look really nice today” said a manager in my group. I think, “Oh, thanks. Because I don’t look nice every other day…when I’m wearing pants?!?” Literally nothing has changed about my look except now my legs are showing. It might just be me but I don’t want that sort of attention at work.

{example of my work attire. Top & Bottoms from Express, Belt is Lauren by Ralph Lauren and shoes are Jessica Simpson}

I have seen ladies wear knee high boots, lacy dresses with key hole backs and skirts with slits in the back that leave little to the imagination when they bend over to pick something up…yeeeah. And if you wear those shoes to the club you probably shouldn't be wearing them to work! All of these things I deem inappropriate for work.  And on the guy side of things, mostly I see them wearing baseball caps; like you are at work, take it off and get over your male patterned baldness. And tuck your shirt in for crying out loud!

So, what is your work style? Share in the comments below.

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