Changing the Function of an IKEA Kallax

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

I have been really bad about sharing our DIY and inexpensive creations for our daughter's room. But here is how we turned an IKEA Kallax into a functional changing table that can then just turn back into storage space.

First you need the Kallax. Then you'll need the inserts for it; we went with 2 drawer inserts (creating 4 drawers) and then 2 cabinet inserts. We also added some feet to the bottom to give it some height so it would be a little taller for the "changing table" purpose. I bought new nobs for it from Hobby Lobby and some cubby baskets from The Land of Nod. For the diaper organizers on top I found these cute boxes at The Container Store that matched perfectly and were WAY cheaper than the diaper caddies they sell at baby stores.

All the hidden storage space hides her diapers and wipes and things of that nature while the cubbies hold books and shoes and then the baskets hold all her toys.

I love that this will have a purpose after we are done changing diapers. We can take the inserts out and turn it on its side if we want or it can stay as is; there are so many possibilities with IKEA's furniture!

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  1. That's a great idea!! I never understood the need for a separate changing table!