1,300 Miles

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

We're MOVING!!!!

Its a bag of mixed emotions. I am excited to move and excited to explore, do and see new things but I am also saddened by it since I have lived in Texas my whole life (except those 6 weeks I study abroad in Norway...but some people consider that a long vacation). And we're leaving our dream home (that Facebook reminded me was under construction 3 years ago). Our current house is perfect for us; it has high ceilings, 6" base boards and so many upgrades! And we finally found our taste in design and decorated this home to reflect it. Its also the house we brought our daughter home to and house we said our goodbyes to Lola in.

My husband got an offer that was too good to pass up for his career path. I am still looking for employment in our new location but I am hopeful. And if I don't find something right away I am looking forward to taking care of Alana and working on my Nerium business.

We are leaving Texas and moving to 1,300 miles north to Wisconsin! This will be the biggest move for us to date. I have bounced around all over Texas after graduating high school but never moved out of state.

Right now we are focused on selling our house, our house needs to sell for any other plans to be made and things to fall into place. If the house doesn't sell then Matt and I will live 1,300 miles apart until it does. We think that if it doesn't sell by Nov/Dec then we'll need to reevaluate things (either take a loss on the house or put it up for rent... hopefully we don't even need to go there). If the house DOES sell (fingers crossed) then we can get into a house up in Wisconsin, get all belongings moving in and start to get our life back in order.

And to make our new house even happier we'll be getting another bulldog at the end of the year! It will be a Christmas present for our sweet Alana :) and for me :D

So...if you know someone looking for a house in the North Houston area let me know!

Daughter's 1st Birthday

Friday, May 13, 2016

Alana's first birthday party was a few Saturday's ago and here are all the details on the decorations!

I bought most of the decor and supplies at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby (mostly Micheal's). And I had a friend help me set it all up for the big day! I ordered some things like balloons, popcorn and her outfits from Etsy. We didn't have a specific theme but we had a color pallet of pink, gold and white. It was so beautiful! I am so happy with how it turned out and that everyone got to come a celebrate with our little one!

For food we kept it pretty simple with sandwiches, chips, dips and finger foods. And then we had the dessert/candy bar! I have always love the look of these so I was excited to have one of my own. With the colors of pink and gold I did some candy shopping during valentines day to collect the pink kisses. Gold was easy with Reese's and Rolos. And to add something unique to the table I bought some pink and gold-ish caramel popcorn from Etsy. And besides the candy we had amazing cookies from Oh! Sugar, chocolate covered strawberries and rice krispies drizzled with white and pink chocolate and gold sprinkles.

I did a lot of Target Dollar Spot shopping over valentines day to get pink and gold items, a deal I found was this little gold gift bags that were already covered in gold glitter. I just added "thank you" to the bag and let people fill them with treats. I of course ended up with A LOT of extra candy.

I loved the party and decor! I think I did a pretty good job! :)