Travel Link Up: A Place You Can’t Get Out of Your Head…Australia

Friday, September 4, 2015

When thinking of where we wanted to go to next we immediately thought of Hawaii, BUT, when we fly using points there usually isn't any business/first class seats available since its such a popular destination.


We are thinking of Australia! In 2017...can you tell that I am an engineer and NEED to plan things?!

Here is why we picked 2017:
- We need more rewards points. We still need about 100k more airline rewards points before we can book this wonderful vacation
- In 2017 we'll both have more vacation time. Next year I will get an extra week of vacation for my time spent at my company. And in 2017 my husband will get his extra week; so we'll both have more time off.
- It gives us a chance to have a little more time to save up for this trip. Even though we will be using points for the airline and hotel we still have to pay taxes on those tickets and the dreaded "hotel/resort" fees. We also need to pay for rental cars, gas, food and whatever activities we decided to take a picture with a koala!

{kangaroo source - koala source}
Right now the plan is to spend 4 nights in Brisbane and 3-4 nights in Sydney. But those plans may change. If anybody reading this has been to either of those cities I would LOVE to hear about it!

Australia, you are in my dreams!


  1. Australia is like a dream - and one definitely worth looking forward to!

  2. Australia is amazing! Sydney is a must see. I recommend visiting Tasmania and some of the national parks. Freycinet and Cradle Mountain are gorgeous!