4 Month Check In

Monday, August 24, 2015

Whoa! I cannot believe that August is almost over and I have 4 month old! So, how are we doing?

She is doing great! At her 4 month check up (a few weeks ago already) she was 23.5 inches tall and was 10lbs 15oz. She is measuring in the 5th percentile in both. Our little tiny darling.

Mommy & Daddy
We are hanging in there! We are very tired since Alana is going through a growth spurt and started wanting to eat again during the wee hours of the morning. We had about 3 1/2 weeks of her sleep through the night before she started her growth spurt. We are hoping to make it over this hump soon and get back to some good nights sleep.

We are also adjusting to dropping her off at daycare and picking her up. We try to minimize her time there as much as we can. I do love that they do little art projects with her and our fridge is already starting to get decorated! My little Picasso!

The Dogs
Coco and Lola are doing fine. We still have a "cage" around the living room to keep them off the carpet and away from Alana's things. Coco will put any and everything in her mouth and I don't need another thing to wash right now... or to have surgery to get whatever she ate out!

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