Preparing Your Dog for Baby's Arrival

Friday, August 21, 2015

We are a 2 dog house hold - one English Bulldog and one Old English Bulldog (1/2 American Bulldog and 1/2 English Bulldog). Our English, Lola, is probably one of the best dogs in the world character wise, she is so chill. Coco on the other hand is the female dog version of Dennis the Menace! Coco will speed towards the door when the doorbell rings, she will jump on you as a greeting and then she will pee everywhere (because she is a submissive pee-er). She was the real hurdle were having trouble crossing when we brought Alana home. We bought a book about how to tell your dog you're expecting but with reading What to Expect... and Baby Wise I didn't get around to reading it.

Of course we brought home some blankets she had used in the NICU but I'm not really sure how much that helps our 4 legged friends. I think dogs, and animals in general, have a 6th sense and know when a being is a baby or toddler...

After my 12 weeks of maternity leave was up we decided to invest in Coco and sent her to a 2 week board and train camp. I have to say it was nice not to have her in the house and I think Lola was less stressed by having her gone. But Coco came back and I have to say she is much better. We have to work with her every day but she is worth it; just look at that face...

What have you done to prepare your dog for baby's arrival?


  1. Ugh...I don't even know what I'm going to do when baby times rolls around. Our english bulldog has been a path of destruction from day one! We have done the boot camps and training classes and daycare and work with him extra. damn. day. and he still has no idea how big he is. Hopefully he will ease up a bit when the time comes but right now he just plows over all the tiny kids!

    1. Yes! Our main concern is that they don't know how strong they are; they are so heavy pawed! And then when they sniff and their snot and drool gets all over baby, haha. It is interesting to say the least! I am excited to get her her own pup one day (enter our future frenchie :D)!