Goodbye 2015...

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 was quite the year! So many milestones! Here is my 2015 in review:

We took our 3rd trip to the Hawaiian Islands (Maui, Hawaii and Molokai) while I was 20-21 weeks pregnant. I took a few precautions flying, like wearing compression socks to keep my feet and legs from swelling.

Just moved through the motions of weeks 24 - 27 of my pregnancy... And planned my baby shower.

My travel themed baby shower! When I saw the "Welcome to the World" baby shower theme on Pinterest I knew that this was the baby shower for me! I LOVED how everything turned out! Thanks to my mom, mother-in-law and my bff.

Much to our surprise our sweet baby girl arrived 5 weeks early (gestational age: 35 weeks, 1 day)! Even though she was in the NICU my husband said, "think of it as a blessing, we get to spend an extra 5 weeks with her!" and then I started to cry... one because he was right and two he never uses the word "blessing" so it was a very sweet moment and one I will never forget.

Alana turned 1 month old, and Matt and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary!

Still on maternity leave and loving it!

I went back to work and towards the end of the month my mother-in-law came to stay with us for 3 weeks to watch Alana before she entered daycare. It was such a blessing to have her and I know she enjoyed every minute of it! And it was the longest her and my father-in-law had been apart since they were 16! Quite the sacrifice!

I started a new job within my company.

Seems September was a pretty low key month since I cant remember anything that happened.

Alana turned 6 months old!!! Where did the time go? And we dressed up together as a minion family! And I became a Nerium Brand Partner!

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house for the 2nd time. We had tons of food and started decorating for Christmas. It was discovered that Lola had right sided heart failure :(

The Christmas celebrations were at our house for the first time! We had 5 extra people staying with us! And it was Alana's first Christmas so it was an overall joyous weekend! And we rehomed one of our dogs :(

Here is to an amazing 2016!

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