Trial & Error – Baby Products

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

So when you’re pregnant its really easy to get overwhelmed with all the baby stuff that is out there. You’ll have friends telling you one thing, thank them for their help and advice, and then you’ll walk into Buy Buy Baby and go, “what the f---!” because there is SO much stuff for babies! And I think these are also trial and error type products. Here are a few items that I have had to buy a few different brands till I found one that I liked and worked well.

Car window shade: So I have a really odd shaped window in the back and I thought that this Brica Stretch-to-Fit Window shade would be prefect because it would be any shape that I wanted…well it didn’t really work. The suctions just don’t stay on the window and if you need to really stretch this thing the suction cups just slowly move to where they are comfortable (the elastic will pull them back together).

Then I bought the Munchkin White Hot Static Cling Shade. While this doesn’t cover my whole window it stays on and provides her shade most of the time. It’s “HOT” decal will tell you when it’s too hot in the car and you may want to turn on the AC before you put your little on in there. I noticed that it was saying “HOT” when it was about 80-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Which really isn’t that hot for us here in Texas.

Bath tubs: When I first saw the 4MOMs bath tub I wanted it but I swear the price tag said $150. For that price, I don’t think so. So I bought her a mesh chair to put in the sink. Well it didn’t quite work in our sink, our sink was too small. So my mother-in-law bought the flower thing for us. The hospital said they didn’t recommend this for newborns and to wait until she could hold her head up. So I finally said okay, lets buy the 4MOMs tub. It turns out its only $50 (I am thinking it was stocked in the wrong place when I first saw a $150 price tag). And with a 20% coupon in tow the tub was mine! Alana LOVES this tub and LOVES bath time! She splashes so much that we had to move her mini tub into the bath tub.

Bottles: Bottles can be hit or miss for your baby. I had asked for a starter kit of Tommee Tippee and Dr. Brown bottles. I only got the Tommee Tippee ones at my shower. So that is what I planned on using. Well, with Alana arriving early and being in the NICU when it came time to bottle feed her at night when I wasn’t there the nurses said to get some Dr. Brown bottles; they pretty much laughed in my face when I said I had Tommee Tippee. They tried to mask it by saying those were better suited for older babies. So now I have 4 Tommee Tippee bottles sitting on a shelf in their shrink wrap. I will probably use them in a giveaway on here at some point…or re-gift at a shower.

What are some of your experiences with baby products? 

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