8 Month Update

Monday, December 28, 2015

How was everyone's time off? Mine was great! I really needed those 4 days! And I feel like it is a crime to be back to work today :/ We spent it with family and friends and it was so amazing to watch Alana enjoy her first Christmas! We actually didn't take a lot of pictures but we got a lot of video! I cannot believe she is already over 8 months old! How the time flies! 

So how are we doing? 

She is fantastic! She is talking up a storm and using her hands to talk. She loves talking to Lola, as I suspected she would. She is starting to giggle and it’s the cutest thing I have ever seen. Babies make happy sounds/noises but she is now starting to laugh and giggle!

She is also starting to crawl! OMG! She started this at the beginning of the month! She is not up on all 4s yet but she is belly crawling like you wouldn't believe

She is still eating 5 times a day but I am hoping by the new year we can change that to 4 times and then as we near her birthday we can change to 3 times a day + snacks.

Mom & Dad (a.k.a. Alexa & Matt)
We’re doing well, we found a babysitter we trust so we have been going out once a month which has been nice and a much needed break. Our first date night was actually a day date and we went bowling and hung out at a tapas bar.

I haven’t been keeping up with my running but I have been keeping up with Pure Barre. My membership ended on the 13th so since then I have been trying to run more. It works best if I come home, change, run and then pick up Alana. It pushes her pick up time back about 30mins but sometimes you need to take some time for you. Running can be pretty good therapy.

Lola & Coco
I am sad to report that we had to rehome Coco. It broke my heart and it’s something I never thought I would have to do. We found her an amazing home and new family and she seems to be fitting in well with them. She left us on the 20th; I am glad my mom and brother got to see her one last time before we sent her off. I am hoping one day I can visit her if I am ever visiting Dallas.

{my last day with Coco}
Lola is hanging in there after heart failure. With Coco gone I think her life will be less stressful. I just hope we can hang on to her for a few more years. (For those that don’t know, a bulldog’s life expectancy is 10 yrs. Lola is 6 and now has a major heart condition so I feel every day is a blessing.)

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