On Holiday

Friday, December 18, 2015

Y'all I am so excited for the weekend! Pretty much because its the weekend and I want to catch up on sleep. And we are attending a few Christmas parties. And I may still throw some Christmas lights and decorations up! I'll be taking the next week off from blogging to just relax and de-stress a bit. BUT I'll still be at work :( boo! Because I had a baby this year and because of how my company’s maternity leave policy works I don’t have any vacation time left for the year. So I’ll have the 24th and 25th off and the 31st and 1st off – Two 4 day weekends. Here is what I wish to accomplish with those days off:

Dec. 24th - 27th
These days will be filled with family gatherings, cooking, eating and opening presents! Not much else will happen. Period. And I will utilize my family to help me clean up all the Christmas decorations and get as much as we can put back in the attack! All our guests will depart either the 26th or the 27th and we’ll have our house back.

Dec. 31st
Lola has an appointment at the doggie cardiologist, I really wanted this day to clean and reorganize the house but Matt will have to take care of that while I take Lola to her appointment, that’s over an hour away. Alana’s daycare is actually open on the 31st so we plan on bringing her in for part of the day while we get stuff done! So far no party has been planned for New Years…I know, LAME. But it’s how we roll; and how much partying can one do with an 8 month old?!

Jan. 1st – 3rd
We will probably spend these days continuing to get the house in order. Have you seen Gayle getting the house ready for company on YouTube…HIL-arious! And I want to binge watch some Downton Abbey; I’m half way through season 3. We need to paint some walls to cover up all the dog slobber that has been flung everywhere. And I want to update some things on the blog, have a good stock pile of posts ready for the new year and get back into the social media game. We'll also be going out to dinner to celebrate my birthday that was earlier in the month (our babysitter wasn't available for my birthday weekend). 

{don't pretend *NSYNC's Christmas song inst stuck in your head now}

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