Finding the Right Babysitter

Friday, December 11, 2015

We live in Houston, TX. My parents live near San Antonio, TX and Matt's parents live near Little Rock, AR. So we are not fortunate enough to have a "build-in babysitter". We are however fortunate enough to have my parents close enough so when my husband wants to go to a football game and I have a Nerium event my mom can come for the weekend to help; thanks mom!

But finding a babysitter for date night is hard. They have to know how to change and feed an infant and you have to trust them. How we found our babysitter is a funny story, so here we go.

The people that own the daycare we go to own about 6 in the area. They were opening a new one in our neighborhood but with construction delays they wouldn't be open when Alana needed to enter daycare. So she was enrolled in one in another neighborhood. For some reason I absolutely loved the morning teacher in her class. When it was time for us to leave to move to the new school I really wanted to ask her if she would be our babysitter, but I chickened out (I don't know the school policy on that sort of thing).

She sent a sweet note home with Alana and I immediately regretted not asking her. So what did I do? I social media stalked her of course. All I knew was her first initial and her last name. I finally found her on Facebook and sent her a message but since we're not friends she hasn't seen the message. Then I went to Instagram. She has a private account so she had to approve my "follow". About a week later she did and comments on one of my pics. Then I told her to please email me if she wanted to babysit and she did! I was so happy! All of my crazyness paid off!

We went bowling and then a topas bar for some drinks; it was really nice to get out and just hang. We have thought about having her over to watch Alana while we clean the house. But daycare is open on the 31st and we have that off so we're going to utilize that day for a deep clean!

{going out is fun and all but its moments on the couch that are the best!}

Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Social media does have its perks!! And now I'm checking out your lob and I love salon appt got bumped to tomorrow so it's game time baby! Have a great weekend Alexa!