Relaity Check

Friday, October 2, 2015

Before I became a mom I enjoyed a good workout - and I worked out 3-5 day a week. When I became pregnant I didn't work out at all because of my HG and lack of energy. I thought that I would hit the physical activity hard after baby and get back into shape in no time.


I just can't find the time and I call bull shit on all the "post baby workout blogs" out there. This is my truth/reality about post pregnancy weight and getting back into shape.

A couple things that irritate me about these get fit after baby blogs is that not everyone is a work from home/stay at home mom. And even if you are, when do you find the time?!
  1. I really don't have time to work out after I get home from work. If I do work out, its time away from baby. And I am tired from my workday and commute and when I get home all I want to do is relax and play with my daughter before she goes down for the night.
  2. I feel like they are targeted and work well for people that are predispositioned to be fit. I have never had a high metabolism or been naturally thin or "skinny" I worked really hard to have my pre-baby body! And I always wanted to lose that last 5lbs to get to my goal weight.
MY reality is that after I had my baby my hormones and body chemistry is different. And my weight is distributed differently. Will those things ever get back to "normal"? AND - while this isn't surprising but something some women might forget (I did) is that your body doesn't get "back to normal" until you stop breastfeeding! And that can include what is going on in your lady parts. I still have that light brown line some women get down their stomach and I'm 5 months postpartum!

My daily schedule is pretty busy. My husband and I tag team on everything; I like this quote from
Having that first child represents a HUGE change in your relationship with your spouse or partner. You basically go from being best friends with benefits to being business partners in charge of running your family corporation together.
When she finally does take a nap between her 5pm and 8pm feedings we take this time to relax or clean up the house. Even though her clothes are so small she creates so much laundry!

I see my body going soft and I need to do something about it! I am going to start and try to squeeze in 15 mins a day using the Nike Training Club app. If I can manage this for a month I think I'll be back on track! I might use How Does She for inspiration!

{Source, How Does She?}
On a lighter note, we are expecting some great weather here in Houston this weekend and I can't wait to get out there for a nice jog! A great weekend to get this workout party started! Goodbye 90 degree weather!


  1. Do you have the option of a lunch workout? I used to do that when my commute was 3+hours roundtrip.
    These days I get up three hours before I have to be at work to get it done and over with, because you're right, I just want to relax in the evening.
    I actually hate getting up early, but I typically feel better once it's over. Do what you can when you have the time, and don't fret too much! You'll find your groove!

    1. I don't have an option to workout over lunch - sucks! I could do a quick workout in my office on casual Fridays when I wear sneakers though (just close the door). I don't know how some moms do it waking up even earlier! I already wake up at 4:45-5am so we can get out the door by 6:20!

      Life is busy and chaotic, no one ever said it was going to be easy! :) that's what my dad always told me!