Weekend Happenings

Monday, October 19, 2015

Well we had a pretty busy weekend! First thing Saturday morning after my run I took THE Spotted Bulldog, Lola to the vet to get a vaccination and have her nails clipped and glands taken care of. Ever the drama queen she howled and shrieked at each clip... silly Lola.

Alana is fast approaching the 6th month mark which BLOWS my mind! She finally mastered turning over from back to belly and she is so proud! We also had her ears pierced this weekend. I'm not sure if there is any controversy in having it done so young but I know if my mom hadn't done mine when I was a baby I'm not sure I would have pierced ears today. She took it like a champ, she cried as much as she does when she gets her shots. Now it's up to me to keep them clean and rotate them!

{look at her face on the far right, lol, she is so mad at me}
Sunday we took her to a pumpkin patch and took some pictures all dressed up in her Halloween gear. It was the perfect morning for it! Her little ghost onesie was made by a friend, you can see her other work here. p.s. those are some of my pre pregnancy jeans! HOLLA

How was your weekend? Was it lazy or eventful? 


  1. Too cute! My mom had my ears pierced at that age and I think it was the best decision ever!
    And you are looking fabulous, lady! We need more photos of YOU!

  2. Loved seeing your photos of Alana and hearing about your daughter getting her little ears pierced.

    Think you were a smart mommy getting her ears pierced now when mommy can care for them, plus she looks so darn cute with little earrings. We did our daughter at this age and everyone loved how cute she looked with little earrings. Alana is soO adorable with those cute little sparkly earrings.

    Promise she is not mad at you, but wants to "thank you" for the "gift of pierced ears." This was the perfect age to do them when she can't remember having it done and sweet mommy taking such good care of her adorable little newly pierced ears so she can grow up pretty like her mom.

    I always dreamed of having a little girl with cute little pierced ears. I was unsure when to do it, but our pediatrician advised me to do it early and gave me some tips (write me for more info) for moms having their daughters ears pierced.

    There is nothing sweeter than a little girl with little pierced earrings poking through their hair especially with little pearls. Our daughter is three now and is girlie-girl and loves changing her earrings to match her dresses.