Will You Have Another?

Friday, October 23, 2015

When you get married people immediately ask, "So...when are you going to have a baby?" Excuse me?! My sex life is none of your business!

And then when you DO have your first born you get asked, "So...when are you going to have another one?" REALLY?! Already with the personal questions again?!

I feel that society has put this thought in our heads that the "normal" family is husband, wife and 2 kids. But things are changing (and I'm not going to get into same-sex marriages here but those make up families too).

What if I don't want to have another kid? It's hard to think about because I have a brother and my husband has a brother. We didn't grow up being all that close but now that we are adults we are and I like my relationship with my bro. It would be nice for Alana to have that relationship with someone in the future.

But is it something WE want? It's hard to think about when you're up all night with a sick 5 month old and not getting any sleep. Its also hard for me to think about since I had very uncomfortable pregnancy. For those that have not read about it on travel mi amor, I had HG was throwing up for most of my pregnancy - even going to the ER because I couldn't stop throwing up. I can't imagine having HG with a toddler running around. And then there is the fact that Alana was 5 WEEKS EARLY!!! Will all that happen again?! Since she came naturally at 5 weeks early I am going to be put on bedrest for my next pregnancy? Or some sort of high risk watch?

Then there is the financial burden of having two kids. Not only do you have to provide for them in the here and now but you also feel inclined to try and provide for them in the future (i.e. college). Guys, daycare is HELLA expensive! If we do have another kid, I don't want them to be in daycare full time at the same time. It would literally be one of our paychecks.

So will YOU have another?!


  1. I think about this all the time and we don't even have ONE yet. Like...I always just assumed we would have two. My husband, on the other hand, will just look at me from time to time and give me the "one" finger when he knows I'm talking about kids with someone else. But honestly, with IVF you don't really know what the outcome will be. We might get one, we might get twins! Who knows!

    1. or you might get triplets if you decide to put in that many eggs!

      I was asked it again just last night, "you really aren't going to only have one kid?!" Hey, I'm only 28, I have plenty of time (hopefully)