Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I recently saw a post that was going around the Facebook world and I just LOVED it! Here is why -

Women today do A LOT of judging. And I'll be honest, I'm quick to judge too but I tend to keep my thoughts to myself and may only share them with my husband or closest friends (ones that I know won't judge me judging). But as a new mom my world opened up to a whole new way of being judged.

The other day at work as I was volunteering to help set up an expo to launch our new maternity/paternity benefits package the discussion of breastfeeding/pumping came up along with coupons for formula. When I brought up formula you would have thought the Earth stopped moving. The other women I was with all had said they breastfed for a year or more and here I was with an almost 6 month old and feeding her formula...HOW DARE I... They totally eye judged me and I could SO tell.

They don't know my story, they don't know Alana's story. They don't know that she and I only got to spend a few short minutes together before they whisked her away to the NICU. They don't know that she had a feeding tube through her nose because she didn't know how to suck a breast or a bottle. They don't know that it's next to impossible to be at the NICU 24/7 and how is my baby going to feed when I am not there, through a bottle the nurses give to her. They don't know that I only produced 10oz of milk pumping 8 times a day.

To all moms out there, let's not judge other mothers for how they choose to parent and raise their kids. How about we all focus on raising great kids!  

#EndMommyWars | #LoveMoreandJudgeLess 

You can find the original article here. All of the pictures came from there, I love it! Great job ladies!

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