Kickee Pants vs Regular Sleepers

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sorry I have been away - first I was sick with a cold and then Monday night I got a BAD stomach bug that lasted a little over 24 bueno!

Back to our regularly scheduled blogging... Kickee Pants vs. Sleepers Whats a sleeper? Check it out here. Now I want to tell you why I love Kickee Pants so much!

1 - They are made from bamboo and spandex which make them fit any baby wonderfully! Some sleepers seem to come in odd sizes and just fit my baby wrong - some are not long enough and very wide. 

2 - The footies are lined with felt to keep your baby's feet warm. Baby's feet always seem to be colder than any other part of their body so I find this added touch comforting. While regular sleepers do have footies they are not lined for extra warmth. 

3 - The hands can turn into little mittens so your baby's hands stay warm and they don't scratch their face while they sleep. Most sleepers don't have this option - gowns do (but gowns, at least to me, don't offer the warmth the lower 1/2 of the baby body needs). 

I recently did have a quality issue with them, one of the suits came out of the wash with one of the arms completely ripped off, like it had been cut. I contacted their customer service and they gave me a credit for their online store. I will state that they asked where I had purchased it from (it was a gift) and I had a feeling that if it had not been from their website they may had made a fuss. To me it's their product and they should take responsibility for it, no matter where it was sold. If our Toyota had a recall I'm not going to take it to the VW dealership we bought it from to get it fixed, I'm going to take it to the Toyota dealership...duh!

Have you tried Kickee Pants? Do you love them?

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