The Scary Bulldogs

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A new development has made its way into our house... Alana is scared of Coco and Lola! OH NOOOO!

How can my little girl be scared of 2 pups I love so much?!

This all came to be when I was letting the dog sniff Alana - which I do from time to time. But this time Alana cried and "backed away" (as best she could in my arms). And I could see the horror in her eyes. I guess before she was too young to know what they were and didn't care too much about her surroundings. Now she is starting to become more curious and look around.

I guess when we see the left, she sees the right?

Does anybody have any tips to getting babies acquainted to dogs faster? 


  1. I wonder if it's the teeth? People see our dogs and are scared to death...thinking they are some junk yard dogs or something!! All I see are two dopey bulldogs, but of and I know better.
    I think constant interaction where she sees that you aren't scared and enjoy bulldog kisses and pets might help a bit? She'll come around. I'm sure of it....but don't give up!! Funny how we're both blogging about the dogs today. They sure are a handful, huh?

    1. They are a handful! I did think that maybe she should see us rolling around on the floor with them more to show her that they are okay and just want to play with her. I was really surprised that when Alana got scared Coco knew exactly what was going on and she left the room.