What Goes Around Comes Around

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I think the hardest part of being a parent to a newborn/infant is when they get sick.

Alana got sick at the beginning of September, she was better for all of 1.5 weeks before what she had was given to my husband. Then he gave it to her again and I caught the bug too. Now its a month later and we are right back where we started!

DAMN YOU daycare germs! DAMN YOU!!!

We are using saline spray and the NoseFrida in the morning and at night since she is so congested. We have the humidifier going when she sleeps and we're back to doing the neutralizer treatments again too.

I say its the hardest because 1 - your little baby is sick your heart just breaks for them. 2 - Neither one of us has anymore time off to take care of her. (I had to use all of mine for maternity leave and my husband just used his last too trying to get himself better).

We'll see if the little darling needs to go to the doctor's office again this week.

Other than that we had a nice weekend; my parents were in town to see Alana and we enjoyed a little stroll though our neighborhood park.

{this chick is ready to ride}
How was your weekend?

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