Snot Sucker

Friday, September 18, 2015

I have done some pretty gross things in my life (mainly stuff to assist and take care of my dogs - including helping one little wiener dog get rid of some nasty worms...use your imagination) and now I can add snot sucking to the list.

When Alana was sick a few weeks ago the doctor recommended we get the NoseFrida versus using the bulb syringe to suck the snot out of her nose. Babies don't know how to blow their nose yet so they will sneeze it out or they need help. I had seen this item before when I was looking at registry stuff and I was like "yeah, right!" and when telling a co-worker about it he said his wife swore by it!

My husband did it the first time and then I had to bite the bullet. NoseFrida does have a filter and the snot in no way even gets close to your mouth but the concept it just disgusting and laughable!

But I will say that it works great and much better than bulb syringe!

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