Love the Workout, Hate the Rules

Friday, February 19, 2016

I have the rest of our Boston trip typed up but I just need to edit and add pictures, in the mean time here is my rant about Pure Barre...

I have talked in the past about how I have taken Pure Barre classes and how I love them. And I still love the work out but I am over the "rules" the studio has decided to enforce (who knows if it comes from corporate or not).

My relationship with Pure Barre started in 2014 when me and friend signed up for the $99 monthly unlimited classes introductory rate. Then they had a back-to-school special, 3 classes for $33. Then they had a Labor Day special that I decided to jump in on. I think it was like $120/month for 3 months. And then I got pregnant...and then I got HG and couldn't work out because of the constant nausea. After a hospital visit I asked them if they could pause my membership and they said no, that they could only extend it by a few weeks. Well it just didn't work out because I was constantly nauseous and I lost the money.

During my time away from the barre they enforced a new rule: If you need to cancel your class you have to do it 4 hours before the the class starts or you'll get charged $25. That's $25 on top of what you're already paying (whether it be a drop in fee or monthly membership). I don't really understand this because they aren't loosing any money by you not showing up since you pay in advance. And I don't think this 4 hour window works for parents with young kids or working folks. After all, I could register for a 6pm class and something comes up at work around 4 and I need to cancel...oops! too late, I'll get charged $25.

For Valentine's Day they were offering $10 drop-ins (regularly $25) so I thought I would take a class over the weekend. When I went to put my things in the locker I saw a sign that said, "We will no longer allow you to leave class early unless its an emergency." First of all, who are you to tell me what I think is an emergency or not?! And how do you know if I'm lying? And does this mean I can't step out to use the bathroom during class too?! And if you aren't going to ALLOW me to leave class early then you better start this damn thing on time! Which you NEVER do!

I'm done, over it, bye Felicia!

And I hate how the instructor always complements the other instructors/owners that are in the class too, "You're looking great Pure Barre Owner!" Well I would hope she looks great and is doing a good job, she owns this damn place...

Okay, I'm done :) Have a great weekend y'all!

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  1. hahaha! So I noticed I had some cancellation thing at this group class studio I used to go to. The way around is to just NOT sign up in advance. The online window closes within 30 minutes of each class, I think, so maybe that would help?! But if you hate the instructor, then you're right, BYE FELICIA. They can make or break your experience.