Boston: The Rest of the Weekend

Monday, February 22, 2016

After the amazing food tour we headed to Newbury Street to do some window shopping and get a cupcake at Georgetown Cupcakes (like I needed more food). The cupcakes were honestly the best store cupcakes I have ever bought; but since I was so full from the food tour I only bought one. Walking down this street you'll get some pretty views of Church of the Covenant and the First Baptist Church of Boston.

{Boston Public Garden, Washington Statue, Church of the Covenant}
We circled around and walked back up Commonwealth Ave. and headed to Beacon Hill. we passed the Cheers Bar and then headed towards Acorn Street. Acorn Street is famous for its original cobblestone road. To learn more about the cobblestone roads and what became of them click here.

{Acorn Street, Beacon Hill}
We didn't really have anything left to do and we weren't hungry so we walked back to the hotel to relax and look up a place for dinner. It seems like a lot of the really good places to eat in Boston are family owned and aren't open for dinner or on the weekends which was a real disappointment and something I missed while I did my research. So we settled on a German restaurant, Jacob Wirth. We split a sampler and it was perfect.

We walked through Chinatown on our way back to the hotel and then we called it a night.

Between finishing the Freedom Trail, the food tour, walking from the North End to Beacon Hill we walked almost 10 miles! We really didn't even notice it and our feet didn't hurt either. I love this type of city life, where you can walk where ever you need to go. It probably one reason why I love Europe so much...but I also love my 3,000+ square foot house which I would never get in a city unless I was a millionaire.

The following day we didn't do much. We took the subway to the MIT museum because Matt had read they had robots and holograms. We were both thinking the robots would be working and the holograms were going to be like Tupoc and MJ and be like, real life. Well neither was true. The robots were just old robots that were on display with videos showing how they work and the holograms were equally as lame. The whole museum seemed to be a place where MIT grad students put their work on display and people pay to see it.

We had lunch at Area Four which I read had great pizza, the pizza was good but when we walked in the door at 11 for lunch and they asked if we had a reservation I was a bit shocked. I guess this is a really happening place! They told us it would be a 15 minute wait and we were literally seated in 5 seconds.

After we headed back to the North End to get some goodies from the places we visited the day before. We stopped in a cafe and grabbed a snack and headed to North End Park to sit and enjoy it.

We went back to Beacon Hill for dinner at this quiet but very good restaurant called The Paramount. After walking back to the hotel, the day's walking came in at almost 7 miles. We took our coats off and turned the TV right as the Super Bowl was starting and we called it a night.

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