Picking the Right Sippy Cup

Monday, March 7, 2016

There are so many trial and error products you go through when you have a baby. I am sharing with you another one today...the sippy cup.

At Alana's 9 month check up her doctor told us that we could start to introduce her to a sippy cup. So we did. First we tried the Tommee Tippy sippy cups that have a hard spout, she didn't like it at all! So after a few weeks I called a friend and asked her what she did. She told me there are transition sippy cups that are sippy cups but with a spout made from the same material as a bottle nipple. The hunt for one of these was on!

I found the NUK brand transition sippy cup. She sort of would drink from it but not really. So one day, in an effort to get her to drink from it, I took a sip from it. It was actually really hard to get the liquid out! So I went to look for another brand, one with more flow. And I found the Philip Avent. And its perfect! She just drinks her snack from it right now but we're working our way up.

What sippy cups do you use? Did you get a winner on the first try? 

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