Balancing Act

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

There is no doubt that having a baby is hard. You have to learn to juggle your already crazy life + baby. I'm gonna come out and say it, we're not very good at it.

We finally decided that one of us will take her with us when we run errands and the other will get to work on the house: cleaning, laundry, yard work...the list goes on.

We did just that this past weekend and it worked out pretty well. I took Alana Saturday with me to a trip to Party City and Hobby Lobby for some shopping for her birthday while Matt cleaned the kitchen. Then on Sunday he took her grocery shopping while I tackled the MOUND of clothes that needed to be folded. They were gone for an hour and half and while I got everything folded...but it wasn't put up by the time they got home. I had hoped to clean our room too but that will have to be saved for next weekend. And we still have some yard work to do.

When we go out I wear Alana in my baby pack on my front. She loves being out and about but I really see it as a hassle. First I have to carry her diaper bag in and out of the stores with me. I would leave it in my car but Houston is known for its car break-ins and I wouldn't put it bast a crook to bash in a window for a diaper bag, so it comes with me. And I have a difficult time getting into my purse to pay when she is strapped on (I have forgone my designer handbag for a cross-the-body bag to fee up my hands).

When people tell me they are expecting again and then they will have 2 under 2 I try to hide the, "are you f**king nuts?!" look on my face. Matt says they are just better at it then we are, lol. And it may be true...but some of these people have family networks close by which we don't have. When we want to go out its not just dinner and drinks we're spending money on but its also the babysitter making the night cost close to $200+ depending on how many drinks we have.

I mean even after 10.5 months after giving birth I still have baby hairs growing back on my head (I have never used more hair product in my life to tame these sons of biotches) and I still have a very faint line from by belly button to bikini line from my first pregnancy. We still don't know if we want another, we're going to wait and see what Alana's needs are (I'll post about that at the next monthly update) before we jump in with both feet for another.

Do you want one, two or more kids?! Have a happy Wednesday! 

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  1. I always assumed I wanted two. Mark said one and done. And now I have no clue. I mean, there are pros and cons to both sides. We have family close by but you don't ALWAYS want to dump the kiddo on them, you know? We'll see how the first one goes, but after all these IVF shots I may say The Hell with that..and stop after 1.