Miraflex ~ Baby Glasses

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I had put Alana on my eye insurance during enrollment because her doctor had noticed a little crossing of one eye at her 4 month check up. She had already told me to make an appointment the with pediatric ophthalmologist because she had a lot of gunk in her eye and may need her tear duct opened up. After she didn't need her duct opened up I kept the appointment because of the crossing.

But then the crossing went away.

And then between months 10 and 11 months one eye started crossing again. I sort of panicked. I called the ophthalmologist immediately knowing he gets booked up pretty quickly. I was able to get an appointment 2 weeks out but told them if they had an afternoon appointment open up I'll take it. And they did! We were able to come in the next day!  

Alana did great during her visit, even the doctor commented on it. I was so amazed at how they handled her and got her attention so they could get her prescription.

Alana is farsighted (which means she can only see stuff far away). So when she was holding stuff close to her face she would focus so hard her eyes would cross. Then they would be so tired that one would stay sort of crossed.

Enter Miraflex, the no metal, unbreakable frames for kids and babies. Alana literally has the smallest size they make.

The first afternoon we put them on her she hated them and kept taking them off. But we distracted her with playing and toys and she seemed to do really well. And by the next day it was not an issue, she was keeping them on all the time!

I am a little sad that she needs glasses at such an early age. But glasses are inevitable for her since I have glasses, well contacts, all 4 of her grandparents have glasses and so does at least one of her uncles. But I am thankful that there isn't too much of a struggle to get her to wear them (I'm 100% sure there would have been if this started at age 2 or 3).

Did you have glasses when you were a kid? Or do your babies have glasses?


  1. Gosh, glasses on babies seems to be more and more common these days?! Are doctors just more on top of things or is this some sort of weird epidemic?
    Regardless, she looks adorable in them. We have friends that have had both major success and major struggles getting their kids to wear them. Best of luck!

  2. Oh she looks so sweet and so happy! Since babies grow so quickly, when do you think she need the next size up?