The Minion Family

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I love Halloween! And I was super excited to dress up as a family this year. We went as minions and Gru!

Alexa a.k.a. Kevin
I was Kevin, the tall minion. My outfit was pretty easy to throw together. I ordered my overalls and yellow shirt from Amazon and I got my minion beanie from Etsy. For shoes I wore my black converse. And I just printed the Gru symbol off the internet

Yellow long sleeve shirt
Minion beanie
Black converse (already owned)

Alana a.k.a. Stuart
Alana was Stuart, the minion with one eye. Her outfit was pretty simple too: a yellow onesie, blue tutu, socks and I made her little eye from a kit I got a craft store.

Yellow onesie
Blue tutu
Mudpie Mary Jane socks
Build Your Own Minion kit (seen to the right)
Yellow headband and bow (already owned)

Matt a.k.a. Gru
We already had most of his costume, all we had to do for this was order the right scarf and some fun foam for his nose. And I just printed off the Gru symbol for his jacket zipper.

Black pants (already owned)
Black jacket (already owned)
Black/gray scarf
Fun foam nose

And we had a Build-A-Bear Bob minion to complete the minion trio!

I hope you all had a super fun Halloween!

Gru Nose Tutorial
I bought a pack of sticky fun foam that included some skin colored tones and I cut it into a triangle pyramid shape. I fit it to my husband's nose..ish... Once I had the shape drawn out I scored it to make it easier to bend where I needed it and then took the paper off the backing and stuck it on! I think it turned out pretty great! However with the humidity the nose only lasted about an hour until it didn't stick anymore.  

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