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Monday, November 16, 2015

So I am finally starting to get around to taking pictures of Alana's room and the art I have hung in there. Unfortunately, the lighting was total crap yesterday! So I apologize for the bad pictures. We sort of have 4 areas showcasing pictures and art:

The first is above her crib - I ordered these pictures from etsy from a photographer in Ukraine. I love these pictures that were taken in Paris, France and that they have been changed to have the purple in them matches her room perfectly! They are 8x10 and my husband wishes we would have gotten the 11x14.

Then we have what I am calling the gallery wall - I decided to stop worrying about how the pictures line up as this will be something that we continuously add to. And I don't want to end up with more holes in the wall because this picture needs to move 2cm to the left. I bought all the frames on sale and I spray painted them the same gray so they would all match. I made most of these and here is how:

~ So Many of my Smiles: I made this using a design I found on my Silhouette machine and just changed the color and printed it using my printer.
~ A: Michael's Arts and Crafts had these small frames for like $0.25 and then I bought a set of scrapbooking letters and made that cute little piece.
~ You Are My Sunshine: I made this with my Silhouette too, the "sunshine" is actually raised and I love the look.
~ Mirror: I found this on sale too and I spray painted the pink on there to add a little somethin', somethin'
~ Street Lamp: The photographer from Ukraine included this card in her delivery so I framed it and put it on the wall :)
~ Hello, Love: This I found at Hobby Lobby

I have a few more pieces that I need to finish and get up there but it's looking good so far.

There is the area above and the top of her dresser that I posted before:

And then we have the most meaningful pieces of all, the hand made birth announcements that my mom made for me and for Alana. Mine is actually being fixed at the moment but below is Alana's! I am so thankful she has something like this to keep and treasure forever!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are having a great start to the week!

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