Toddler Road Trip Essentials

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

There were a few products I wanted on hand for our cross country road trip and temporary living.

First there are the diaper bag essentials of disposable bibs and placemats.

Then we purchased a ez pz suction plate, a Go Anywhere Booster Seat and I cleared an old iPhone downloaded with Fisher Price apps for those moments when nothing else would calm her. And of course a Pack-n-Play.

I love the ez pz plate, it just sticks to a flat, even surface and your kid doesn't pull the plate up and throw their food all over the place!

The travel booster seat came in SO handy when we were staying at the in-laws and its great in our extended stay hotel.

I love the Fisher Price apps because I know they are geared towards kids her age and she loves the music and tries to sing along :)

The Pack-n-Play is good but for her it doesn't compare to her crib, she misses her mattress. I even bought a foam insert for the Pack-n-Play and that didn't work either. So we have begun to let her sleep on the bed and we have bought a bed rail so she doesn't fly off the bed.

What travel essentials have you found that work great for you?!

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