Thirteen Hundred

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

1,300 miles was just about the ground I covered on my drive from Texas to Wisconsin with a 15 month old. Luckily I had my dad along for the ride to help.

We made 2 over night stops along the way; one in Arkansas to visit with my in-laws and then one in Springfield, IL.

Our visit is Arkansas was great, we actually stayed two nights just to relax a little before the long next 2 days. Alana got to hang out with her grandparents in the country and my dad got to see my in-laws place (after 6 years of being family).

Then, the next leg of our trip was from AR to Springfield, IL. We drove through St. Louis and got to see the Gateway Arch. We didn't stop because we really just needed to push through and be on our way. We made it to Springfield, unpacked the car, ate dinner and called it a night.

The next morning we only had about 5.5 hours of driving so it was the shortest of the 3 driving days. Driving cross-country with a 15 month old is no easy task. She was well behaved for about 3/4 of each day. She could have taken about an hour less of driving a day.

But the important thing is - we made it!

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