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Monday, July 27, 2015

When creating my registries I sat down with my best friend and mother of a two year old and we went over what I would need. It was SO helpful to have her there because she is a new mom and could tell me her reviews of the products. So here are some must haves that we use all the time:

{ (1) Diaper Genie (2) Bouncer (3) Infant Tub (4) Boppy Lounger (5) Activity Mat}

I also wanted to post about my opinions about baby registries. I had 3! Potter Bard Kids, Buy Buy Baby and Target. Mainly because some things were just cheaper at Target then other stores.

(+) is a perk of the store/registry
(-) is a negative of the store/registry

Potter Barn Kids
+ Quality products
+ Beautifully put together color pallets
+ Joint colors with Sherwin Williams
+ 10% off completion for 6 months past your even date (baby shower or birth)
- Only 10% off completion - PB Kids has GREAT sales where you can get many items for 15% - 20% off. They also offer flat discounts like $100 all cribs or $100 off all rockers (we took advantage of all their sales).

Buy Buy Baby
+ They pretty much have everything you'll ever need
+ They send 20% off coupons all the time. And you can use your Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons here too
- Slightly higher prices then Target or Wal*Mart
- Twice they let someone buy an item that was already purchased on my list. It was frusterating because I had to go and return the items and the store is about a 30 minute drive from my house
- Only 10% off completion for 3 months after your due date - I was hoping this discount would have been higher since they constantly send 20% off coupons.

+ Great Target prices
+ 15% off completion - I even lost my coupon and the store took 15% off my whole cart (even on items that were not on my list)
+ I also just got in the mail a "welcome home" coupon book with coupons for diapers, clothes and formula.
- Not all items can be purchased online; some are online only and some are in-store only. I find this very frustrating since I'm a pretty big online shopper.

*Helpful Tip: Register for things you'll also need down the line when you're baby older. I registered for sippy cups and walkers just to get the 15% discount.

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