Girls Trip Toronto

Friday, August 3, 2018

St. Laurence Market, Union Station, Luna Moth, Gooderham Building
A few friends and I wanted to take a girls trip this summer. With a list of possible destinations we went with the cheapest one, Toronto. We were off without a hitch! Got to Toronto, checked into our hotel, freshened up and then headed to St. Laurence Market for some lunch. We didn't convert any USD to CAD but we should have. the market shops primarily only took cash. BUT they did take the US dollar too! They just didn't do any conversions for you. So if your meal was $6CAD then it was $6USD. My friends got something likely more flavorful and more ethnic than my simple ham and cheese croissant but I was getting hangry and didn't want to wait.

After lunch we headed to Eaton Center, a downtown shopping mall, to do some shopping. And on our way the most disgusting thing ever happened to me...we were waiting at stop light to cross the street and homeless man walked up to me, spit a louggie in my hair and shouted, "have a shitty day!" and then he walked into traffic (unfortunately he wasn't hit). I was pretty shocked that this had actually happened and just thankful that we had a water bottle and some napkins to get it all before we had to cross the street. Welcome to Canada! Here's mucus in your hair!

After that fiasco and shopping we headed to Casa Loma, a 98-room castle in the middle of the city. Casa Loma was once a home to a very wealthy man who, not too long after building his castle, went bankrupt and had to sell the residence and everything inside. Its now a museum and filming location for MANY Hollywood blockbusters including the X-Men series and Chicago.

Casa Loma
We grabbed some ice cream on the way back to hotel before we decided what we were going to do for dinner. We finally decided on the waterfront Amsterdam BrewHouse. We ordered some drinks while we waited and our first round was not very good, we ordered mojios. Once we were finally seated after a lot of confusion as to what was considered "bar seating" or not we ordered our food and second drinks, the peach bilini was much better. We all ordered some version of a hamburger and I think we were all satisfied. After we walked to the Toronto sign which is located near city hall.

The next morning we wondered around to try and find graffiti ally. I was using Trip Advisor and it wasn't being the most reliable so we finally just google mapped it and we found our way. It was an interesting few block of some amazing street art. Once we had had enough we headed to pick up our rental car and we headed to Niagara Falls.

Graffiti Ally
I was a bit disappointed in Niagara Falls. We visited on the Canadian side and it was VERY tourist with casinos everywhere and chain restaurants like Margaretville. This isn't really our style. We did go zip lining which is touristy but I had never done it and wanted we did. While it was kind of cool, it wasn't over the falls and you cant bring anything of your own to take pictures while you zip line down. If you have been zip lining before, like in Hawaii or Costa Rica, this particular one might bore you. The falls themselves seemed a bit underwhelming to me. I don't know if its because I was seeing them for the first time as an adult (verse a kid who is just smaller in size) or if its because I have seen so many waterfalls during my travels. Maybe its sort of how people feel when they see Mt. Rushmore? We didn't spend too much time here, we probably spent more time driving there and back to Toronto, we found a place to eat in one of the casino/hotels on our way to the car and then headed back to the big city.

the falls
The next morning it was already time to head back. My final thoughts on Toronto...well... I didn't really like it. It was just another big city (remember I use to live in the suburbs of Houston, TX) and they really seemed to have a homeless problem. I have never seen so many homeless people just walk out into traffic have total disregard for their life. Matt and I were originally planning on visiting Toronto/Niagara Falls for a family trip in July of 2017 but after visiting I am glad we didn't. I don't t think I will be back to Toronto unless it was for work but I do see myself going back to Niagara, but the American side, so my daughter can see it. 

CN Tower, Toronto sign, yummy beaver tail
Have you ever been a little disappointed by a trip? Or have you ever been harassed by a homeless person?! lol

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