Buying Second Hand

Thursday, April 14, 2016

I wanted to share a little lesson learned about buying used clothes. I am all about trying to save some money and buy things used; especially when your little one grows out of stuff so quickly.

I have bought some used clothes from a neighbor and from a resale shop. I was able to pick and choose from my neighbors pile and the resale shop. Now I don't really have the time to sort through everything at the resale shop, it can be a bit overwhelming.

My last used purchase came off of a Facebook mommy page.  This lady was selling a bunch of 18month clothes and shoes for $80. It sounded like a good deal to me (especially since shoes are so expensive).

When we met, it was a fairly quick transaction as we were both in a hurry. When I got home and started washing the clothes I realized that the smelled pretty bad; not like cigarette smoke or anything but just like they lived in an old, stinky house. I have washed them 2 times and they still have that distinctive smell to them (plus the detergent). My friend suggested that I put them in a box with scented candles for a month and then see what they smell like. So that is just what I did last night. In about a month we'll see what happens. I am hopping that it wasn't a total waste. But live and learn I guess.

So when buying used clothes from NOT a resale shop make sure you smell them first and ask if they came from a non-smoking home.

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